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New Tip: Energy usage increased drastically in the last month. AC unit?
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I live in a two year old building with an AC unit that is admittedly too small for my one bedroom 750sqft apartment, so my electric costs are slightly higher than I'd expect. My worst bill was around $140 during the summer last year using 850 kWh.

This year was a slightly hotter summer and my electric usage (as far as lights and appliances) hasn't changed at all, but my bill this month was $330, with a kWh usage of 1700!

I have been keeping an eye on my neighbors and my electric meter and I am still using around 60 kWh per day while my neighbors range from 5 to 20 per day.

My bill was actual and the meter read correctly each month.

The maintenance guys don't really know what to do to fix the unit and the building owner won't approve an HVAC call until the thing totally breaks down, but this unit is drawing way too much energy. The reason I come to that conclusion is because the only thing that changed in my home in the last month was the temperature outside.

I had them change the filter but the energy usage is still through the roof and the temperature is mild outside. I keep my thermostat at 77 degrees f all day long.

Here is my question:

What in an AC unit could break that could cause such a drastic uptick in energy usage without totally shutting down the unit itself? My apartment is drawing 3 to 4x more power than the others on my floor. Is there something I can point the guys at to possibly replace? Is there some recourse I have to my building owner to get this fixed? Thanks in advance.

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