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New Tip: Anemometer – Air Flow – Corrective Factor other fun stuff!
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I got an anemometer yesterday in hopes of helping to balance out my system. I've read a ton of docs on it and learned quite a bit. Gave me a lot more respect for this art and realized it wasn't quite as simple as I thought. The conclusion I'm coming to is its probably near impossible to check airflow properly using one due to many factors of the register/grilles with deflecting/turning vanes and that a hood has to be used.

I was able to measure my returns with the grill open though and calculate CFM which was in the range I expected. I also learned how to size CFM per room and also based on how many refreshes of air per hour are necessary. All neat stuff.

Are there any quick and dirty steps for using an anemometer to figure out the correction factor for registers or is it a futile attempt? Seems all the recommendations are to use a hood to help determine the correction. Could you assume an average number(0.65-0.8) for a quick and dirty calculation? It seems like this would also change based on position of the louvers. Or do you just ignore the correction, take a reading of all of the registers wide open, compare that to the return numbers to figure out your correction value?

I am more interested in the theory behind this than my specific issue.

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