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New Tip: I had a really sad experience yesterday
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Went out on a no cooling call at a pretty low end trailer park. Thought it would just be a gas and go kind of situation. I’m chatting with this old couple for a while while the unit is running. They’re very nice. We are telling jokes and laughing.

Then the compressor started making this horrible crunching noise. The plates were separating. The thing is shot. I tell him his compressor is gone and he will need a new one. He asked how much it would cost and I told him ballpark around $1000. Maybe a little more or a little less depending on how smoothly it goes in. I could just see the light in his face just go out. There is no way they can afford this. He’s got the money to pay for it, but he can’t really afford it.

I felt so bad for these people. The man is retired but his wife still works. They take care of their adult son with severe mental disabilities. Their trailer flooded during the hurricane and now they have to deal with this shit.

I want to help them out as much as I can, but I’m struggling financially too. I don’t know what to do. I’ll probably give him a nice deal. It’s tough all over out there guys. Be kind to people.

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